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lwdmr Architects is an urban-based design firm. We are committed to working collaboratively with clients to realize their goals with high quality design that is efficient, beautiful and fitting to the project locale and environment.


lwdmr respects and values our client’s goals and visions, the natural and built environment, and the rich historic resources we all share. We honor those values by incorporating the vision of all stakeholders in the design process and working to explore all available options to resolve the complexities of each design effort.


lwdmr knows that it is of utmost importance to provide high quality architectural design services, while embracing new technologies and sustainable environmental programs to revitalize our built and historic urban environment.

We believe that architectural design moving forward requires ever increasing ingenuity, creativity, technical knowledge, efficiency and collaboration to provide truly environmentally sound and sustainable design results. High quality efficient and sustainable design is essential to the positive future of our region’s vitality and quality of life.