Canco Lofts


Canco Lofts

Jersey City, New Jersey

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LWDMR is currently working alongside MANA Contemporary in the development of live-work studios that provide permanent residences to innovative members of the arts. The scheme comprises the interior design and rehabilitation of Canco Loft’s Tower One and will incorporate elements crafted by artists at MANA contemporary in the building’s interior fittings.

Conceived in two parts, the new loft offers an intimate studio designed at the artist’s discretion. The idea is to give users a “blank canvas” with a standard modern kitchen and bathroom, open windows for natural lighting, and a space to rearrange, build, paint to their choosing. The second part is a new modern roof addition with open terraces, which sits juxtaposed above a former 1920’s American Can company. With respect to history, the facade is restored using original materials as a base for interpretation. Atop the restored building, sits new a glass and aluminum penthouse with views of Jersey City and Manhattan skyline.


Residential Architecture


Concept Phase


Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


MANA Contemporary

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Designed for entertaining, this Canco Loft Penthouse evokes a minimalist, modern style with all the amenities sought in a rooftop apartment. Complete with glass walls, outdoor terraces, and the Manhattan skyline view.

The indoor space, accommodates a multitude of functions, which can be bedrooms, a vast living room, a studio space. With the minimal, all-white, design, the space is open to the users’ imagination.


Interchangeable “art gallery” corridor as a place for local artists to display their latest pieces. “A Blank Canvas” continues throughout the building, outside of just the unit. Essentially every blank wall is open to art and unique design.

Gallery Corridor   concept

Gallery Corridor concept

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